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Mean Jeans Live At Burgerville!

Career Suicide and Young Governor 7″s

For our 2nd round of 2010 7″ releases,  we visit our neighbors to the north (and, uh, way east)  in Toronto.

Career Suicide‘s Cherry Beach EP was originally released as a UK-tour-only 7″, in a ridiculously limited pressing of like 200 or something.  The songs were just too good to be heard by that few people, though, so we’re excited to announce an expanded reissue of this underappreciated gem.  Ours will feature re-recorded, re-mastered, re-everythinged versions of 2 of the 3 songs on the original, with the addition of 2 brand new, never before heard songs. Career Suicide is hands-down our favorite hardcore band of the 2000’s, so we are very honored to be able to release something for them.

Young Governor is Ben Cook from Fucked Up. (Who share a member with Career Suicide. Incestuous, no?) When he contacted Dirtnap about releasing one of the 10 million or so 7″s they got coming out in the 010, it seemed like a no-brainer. Cindy’s Gonna Save Me is a fractured lo-fi pop gem, with perhaps a bit more of a 60’s influence than some Young Guv material. Haven’t heard the B-side yet, but there is no way it’s not going to rule.

Between these and the hugely anticipated (by us, anyways!) White Wires LP, Dirtnap should really consider opening a Canadian office.

Goodnight Loving/Estranged MRR Reviews

GOODNIGHT LOVING – “Nothing Conquers Us/Scary Bad”

Goddamn it, here’s a single that actually sounds like a single (quite a rarity these days). A-side is a catchy, anthemic, and well crafted bit of poppy rock with subtle touches of some other stuff (bubblegum? FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS?) evident. B-side is bouncy and appealing. This record made me happy. (DD)

THE ESTRANGED – “Type Foundry Session I” LP

Here we got it, you doom-and-gloom merchants, a platter of maximum discontent containing all of the ESTRANGED’s 7″ output. If ya ain’t familiar with soggy ol’ Portland’s purveyors of darkness and misery, then expect a big spoonful of the WIPERS, KILLING JOKE, BORN DEAD ICONS, WARSAW, and a load of mid-80’s Dischord Records. They are all of the above whilst still maintaining their very own solid identity. Eight beautifully depressing songs that are probably at this minute mimicking the equally miserable Portland weather. Brilliant. (SD)

Write-ups for new 7″s

Our 3 new 7″s (Goodnight Loving, Airfix Kits, Coconut Coolouts) just got some sweet write-ups on the Portland Mercury (local weekly paper) website.

Check ’em out, listen to the songs, and leave comments!

Recording Updates!

Potential Johns 7″ is mastered and is currently at the laquering plant. Yes, we did announce this over a year ago, and yes, it’s actually gonna happen.

Mind Spiders (Mark Ryan from Marked Men) have turned in the recordings for their (his?) debut 7″, we’re sending it off for mastering on Monday.

The Estanged’s 2nd album, The Subliminal Man, is currently being mastered, and the band is working on cover ideas, with ex-Dirtnap employee Amy Adoyzie acting as Executive Art Director for the project.

The White Wires are recording their 2nd album (and first for Dirtnap!) in Ottawa on December 28th and 29th. We’re psyched. You should be too.

And if you think the White Wires are the only Canadian band with a pending release on Dirtnap, you, sir, are sadly mistaken. Not 1 but 2 groups of their countrymen are putting the final touches on recordings for 7″s on our humble label. Annoucements to follow………………..

Coconut Coolouts – The Last Man You Will Ever See 7″ available NOW!



2 spooky Halloween songs released (of course!) just in time for Thanksgiving. Or 11 months early for Halloween 2010, your choice.

The Last Man That You Will Ever See and Monsters Crash (The Regular People’s Party) continue the tradition of killer singles from Seattle’s (nay, America’s!) premiere party-punk band, only with a macabre, bone-chilling twist.

Abject terror never sounded so gosh darn catchy. Are you inhuman enough?

All copies come with download code.

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″ available NOW!



Tense working class post-punk from San Francisco. Debut release from 2/3rds ex Giant Haystacks.

As much as we liked that band, this new incarnation is even better, hookier and more direct.

Minutemen meets Wire with a distinct DIY sensibility. Or, as the band describes themselves, “Gang Of Four getting rat-arsed on cider and covering the entire Strength Through Oi! comp.” That’ll work too.

All copies come with download code.

Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us 7″



First 200 come on gold vinyl, available via mailorder ONLY.

Soulful, catchy, inventive garage/americana/whatever from hard-touring, crazy-prolific Milwaukee kids.

Two of their best songs yet, no foolin’.

We’ve wanted to do something with this band for years, but the stars have never aligned until just now. Hopefully not their last release for Dirtnap, these guys really are one of our very favorite bands.

Comes with download coupon good for Mp3 tracks as well as a bonus video file.

Here’s a couple of reviews:

Mean Jeans Updates

There have been serious problems at the pressing plant with the Mean Jeans LP.

The black vinyl LPs and CD’s WILL come out on Tuesday as scheduled, but the color vinyl edition is going to be delayed by a couple of weeks or more.

Thanks to everyone who turned up at the MJ Record Release Show and sold the place out before the 1st band even went on. Was pretty epic. Sorry to anyone who didn’t get in.

Here’s some sweet Mean Jeans write-ups.

Days Of Lore:

Portland Mercury:


More to cum!

Come To This Show!


Free show! First band goes on at 9:30! Show up, or forever hang yer head in shame!

3 new releases available NOW!!!!

Head over to to order this stuff! And remember kids, all Dirtnap vinyl has a color vinyl edition exclusive to Green Noise Records, our mailorder site and retail store.


The Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD


The Estranged – Type Foundry Sessions I LP


The Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us 7″

coming very fucking soon:

The Mean Jeans – Are You Serious LP/CD

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″

Coconut Coolouts – The Last Man You’ll Ever See 7″

Free Dirtnap Digital Sampler

Hey chump – download our 2009 Digital Sampler for free here:

Spotlights our current roster with a few select dips into our extensive back-catalog.

Features an unreleased track from The White Wires, as well as Mark Ryan’s (Marked Men) new project, Mind Spiders.

This is very much a work in progress. Expect frequent, relentless updates to the content as new stuff comes in.

Here is the intitial track list.

Mean Jeans – Born On A Saturday Night
Marked Men – Fix My Brain
Impulse International – Hey Girl
Something Fierce – On Your Own
Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us
The Returnables – What Would Mother Say?
The Raydios – Are You Ready?
The Estranged – Middle Of The Night
Psyched To Die – Conditioned To Fail
Beat Beat Beat – Psycho
The Girls – Transfer Station
High Tension Wires – Tokyo Is Burning Down
River City Tanlines – Black Knight
The White Wires – Did You Forget My Name?
Mind Spiders – Worlds Destroyed (unreleased!)

Help Ian MacDougall


Our pal Ian from The Riverboat Gamblers was hit by a car on Saturday October 17th and is currently in the hospital.

Here’s the full story:

We here at Dirtnap are having a benefit for him. From now till the end of the day tomorrow (8pm PST) 100% of all sales from the website go directly to helpin’ pay off Ian’s medical bills.

Davila 666/Mean Jeans


Ken from Dirtnap will be DJ-ing in between bands at this awesome show. Please show up!

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Yes, Dirtnap has an EMAIL LIST.

Sign up and you’ll be the first to know about our insanely limited mailorder-only color vinyl editions. (SIX coming up this month this month alone!)

Sounds like fun, no? Simply send an email to mail (at) with the word Subscribe in the subject line.

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Mean Jeans/Impulse International Mp3s

Free Mean Jeans and Impulse International downloads available now from our Mp3 page! These and $2 will get you on the bus!

As long as we are in a generous mood, here is cover art/track list for the Mean Jeans LP:


The Mean Jeans – Are You Serious LP/CD

1. Born on a Saturday Night
2. Steve Don’t Party No More
3. Rats Roaches and Jeans
4. Party Animal
5. No Brainer
6. Outta Smokes
7. Case Race
8. Slime Time
9 . Total Creep
10. Throwin Stones
11. Space Trash
12. 2 Much Cocaine
13. Lets Pogo B4 U Gogo


The Raydios – Now LP, Impulse International – Point Of Action CD and Psyched To Die – Scatter Brained 7″ available now!

Head over to our mailorder site, to pick these up!


The Raydios LP ex Teengenerate/Firestarter!!!! first 200 on BLUE vinyl, available mailorder only. black vinyl also available.


The Impulse International – Point Of Action CD Timeless, perfect NYC/FL guitar pop/garage/punk.


Psyched To Die – Scatter Brained 7″ Early hardcore meets late 70s CA punk from New Jersey all-stars! First 200 on WHITE vinyl, available mailorder ONLY! Tour editions (pressing of 150) also available!

Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD

Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD out on Dirtnap late 2009.

C’mon, you saw that coming.

As long as yer reading this, I might as well take a moment and update y’all on upcoming Dirtnap stuff.

Psyched To Die – Scatter Brained 7″ is being pressed as we speak. Will be out week after next.

The Raydios – Now LP and The Estranged – singles LP will both be out in a couple of weeks.

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″ has been sent off for mastering. Expect it’s release shortly after their debut single on Deranged comes out.

Late October should see a bunch of activity, with the Coconut Coolouts – Halloween 7″, Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us 7″, and the Mean Jeans – Are You Serious LP/CD.

Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD should come out in November.

Other stuff in the works include an Autistic Youth LP/CD and Potential Johns 7″. Both of these have already been delayed to hell and high water, so no promises on when they might see the light of day. (get on it, guys!)

2010 is looking like it’s gonna be busy as hell. Look for LPs by Something Fierce, White Wires, King Louie and the Loose Diamonds, High Tension Wires, a Young Offenders singles comp, and a lotta other junk.

Mean Jeans on Pitchfork


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