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Low Culture – Screens

Low Culture – Screens LP Out Now!

Low Culture – Screens LPs are here, and we’ve decided to start selling them a little in advance of the release date. (Release date for digital remains 01/09/13, and we’ll be streaming the LP in it’s entirety at that time)

Debut LP! Scrappy, melodic garagepunk from Las Cruces, NM. Features members of The Marked Men and Shang-A-Lang, and pretty much sounds like a cross between the 2 bands! Recorded in Ft. Worth by Mark Ryan (Marked Men/Mind Spiders), mastered in Ottawa by Dave Williams (Steve Adamyk Band/Crusades, etc).

First 200 are on BLUE vinyl and available only from, or at the shop!

Mean Jeans/Big Eyes update

We’ve hit a slight production delay on these, but are hoping to have them in within a few days.

Marked Men Shows!

Marked Men are (gasp) playing some shows around the holidays!

12/27 @ Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX
12/30 @ Garibaldi’s, Milwaukee, WI
12/31 @ Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL

New Mean Jeans Track!

New Means Jeans song premiered on Vice music channel, off a split with Big Eyes out in a couple of weeks!—i-miss-outerspace

Dirtnap Records 2012 Sampler

Dirtnap Records 2012 Sampler up now on our newly created Bandcamp page! Stream or download! Pay what you want, up to and including nothing! Or a million dollars!

Legendary Wings make AOL Spinner’s MP3 Of The Day!

Legendary Wings make AOL Spinner’s Mp3 Of The Day!

Mean Jeans invade Chile + other dates

10/17 Santiago, Chile – with Holydrug Couple @ Onaciu, Loreto 460 – Barrio Bellavista – Recoleta – Santiago.
10/18 Santiago, Chile – with Gangrena Surf,Balas, Femicidio, Pormiculpa @ General Jofre 282, Entre Portugal Y FrayCamilo Enriquez
10/19 Santiago, Chile – with Valium, Lilichamp, Gedauvan @ Bar Uno, Bombero Unez 1 Esquina Bellavista

10/23 Orlando, FL – with Wet Nurse & Sexcapades @ Wills Pub
10/25 Tampa, FL – Pre-Fest party
10/26 – Gainesville, FEST
11/2 Seattle, WA w/ Unnatural Helpers, Warm Soda, Cheap Bliss @ Chop Suey
11/3 East Vancouver, BC La Ti Da Records Fest w/ Needles // Pins, Wild Ones @ Astoria

Legendary Wings – Making Paper Roses LP

Pastepunk debuts Legendary Wings Mp3

Legendary Wings – Nachos mp3 up now on!

LP will go on sale on Tuesday October 9th at around 12:00pm PST. First 200 on GOLD vinyl, available mailorder only!

Legendary Wings – Making Paper Roses LP

Legendary Wings – Making Paper Roses LP out October 9th! Our pals at GET BENT debuted the first MP3 and title track yesterday, check it out HERE.

It happens very rarely (like a couple of times over the course of 120 releases) that we here at Dirtnap get a random CD-R demo in the mail, pop it in, listen to it a couple of times, and then slap our fist down on the counter and say “fuck it, we’ll put that out!” And that’s just what happened in the case of Kalamzoo, MI’s Legendary Wings. Unsolicited demos are largely a lousy way to round up new bands for the label, but once in a blue moon you get one that’s just THAT good.

Musically, the apple that is Legendary Wings doesn’t fall TOO far from the tree that is Dirtnap Records, (think caffeiniated, raw, fast pop), but they are also unmistakably, instantly identifiable as originating from the Midwest. Potential Johns meets Gaunt? Scared Of Chaka if they were from Minneapolis? Denton with jangle?

Legendary Wings drummer, Jeff “The Snake” Mahannah and Scott Terrian, guitarist/singer first met each other at a pre show barbecue for the First Annual UFO Dictator Fest in Kalamazoo, MI. It was 2005 then, Scott was 23 and playing bass in the now defunct Throbbin Urges, and Jeff had just turned 17 and was still playing with The Clams. “I met this group of teenagers: Jeff, his brother Pat, and Clams drummer Trevor the first time I visited Kalamazoo, and boy we really hit it off.” Scott recalls. “Any time I’d drive down to Kalamazoo for a show, or whatever else, I was really hoping to see these guys, and hang out. They were, and still are like brothers to me. We came to learn of almost identical tastes in music, tv, anything! And, within the next year or so, Jeff and I started flirting with the idea of putting together a band.”

Eventually, in the crisp Michigan fall of ‘08, it happened. Though, a far cry from their previous bands, including The Menthols, The Legendary Wings put together a steady stream of pop inspired sorta-punk songs. They recruited a friend of a friend to play bass named Matt Maier. Together, the band has been on several tours, released a 7″ on Tic Tac Totally and a track on a UFO Dictator comp 7″ were featured at Goner Fest 7, and are about to release an LP on the powerhouse record label, Dirtnap Records. Their mix of caffeinated instrumentation, and overly sensitive lyrics will make you melt if the mood is right. Be on the lookout for the band to be playing venues throughout the fall and winter 2012. And possibly further touring in the spring of 2013…If we’re all still here.

High Tension Wires – Welcome New Machine LPs + tour dates

High Tension Wires – Welcome New Machine LPs are back in stock!

Also, the band is (gasp!) going on a brief tour later in the month, here are the dates:

9/15 – Denton at Rubber Gloves with Occult Detective Club and Something Fierce.
9/19 – Lawrence, KS with Pale Hearts
9/20 – Minneapolis, MN at Turf Club with Gateway District
9/21 Milwaukee , WI at Cactus Club with Chinese Telephones, Tenement, and Uh-Oh
9/22 Chicago, IL at the Burlington with The Yolks, Apache Dropout, and The Biz

Guantanamo Baywatch Tour Dates

Gutantanamo Baywatch tour starts today! Here are the dates:

09/06 – Portland, OR – Bunk Bar – MusicFestNW
09/07 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
09/08 – Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
09/09 – Eugene, OR – W.O.W. Hall
09/11 – Arcata, CA – Humboldt Brews
09/12 – Chico, CA – Origami Lounge
09/13 – Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s
09/14 – San Francisco, CA – The Depot at SF State University
09/15 – San Luis Obispo, CA – SLO Brewing Co
09/16- Orange County, CA – The Continental*
09/17- Oakland, CA – The Stork Club w/ Chuck Chuck and The Chuckleberries*

Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club split 10″

Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club Tour And Album Stream

Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club split 10″ will go on sale on Tuesday at around 12pm PST. In the meantime, stream the whole record courtesy of PunkNews!

Tour starts Sunday, here are the dates:

Sun 26 – Houston, TX @ Mango’s Cafe
Mon 27 – Austin, TX @ 29th St. Ballroom
Tue 28 – Las Cruces, NM @ Trainyard
Wed 29 – Tucson, AZ @ The District Tavern
Thu 30 – Tempe, AZ @ Meat Market Garment Factory
Fri 31 – San Diego, CA @ Awesome Fest
Sat 1 – San Diego, CA @ Awesome Fest
Sun 2 – San Diego, CA @ Awesome Fest
Mon 3 – Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar & Grill
Tue 4 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
Wed 5 – Oakland, CA @ Good Bellies
Thu 6 – Sacramento, CA @ Luigi’s
Fri 7 – Portland, OR @ The Know
Sat 8 – Seattle, WA @ Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater
Sun 9 – Vancouver, BC, Canada @ The Zoo Zhop
Mon 10 – Boise, ID @ Liquid Lounge
Wed 12 – Denver, CO @ Old Curtis Street
Thu 13 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
Fri 14 – Dallas, TX @ Double Wide
Sat 15 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves

Marked Men Cassettes!

All 4 Marked Men albums now on cassette! Buy ’em individually, or get the Marked Men Megapakk: All 4 cassettes for $15.

Mean Jeans Tour Dates!

Mean Jeans and Big Eyes are hitting the road at the end of the week! Here are the dates!

Sun, Aug 26 – Portland – Angelos w/ Bi Marks
Tues, Aug 28 – San Francisco – El Rio w/ Meat Market
Weds, Aug 29 – San Pedro – Harold’s
Thurs,Aug 30 -LA – Blue Star w/ Pangea, Underground Railroad to Candyland
Fri, Aug 31 – AWESOME FEST – Soda Bar
Sat, Sep 1 – TIJUANA – Bar El Tigre with/ Pangea & Audacity*** (no big eyes)
Sun, Sep 2 – Fullerton @ Continental with Audacity
Mon, Sep 3 – Oakland – Eli’s Mile High Club w/ Primitive Hearts
Tues, Sep 4 – Reno – Clark Lane Mall
Thurs, Sept 6 – Portland – Star Theater w/ The Men MFNW

Red Dons – Auslander 7″

Red Dons – Auslander 7″ Out Now!

Red Dons at their most straightforward, melodic, and powerful. The A side in particular might be their best song yet. 2 new tracks, written in 2010-2011 between Chicago, Brazil, London, Portland, and Hamburg, recorded in Sweden in a cold war era bomb shelter during a 2011 European tour by Lars Ekman (Hanna Hirsch, Förmögenhet). Look for a west coast tour with The Estranged in September 2012. All copies come with download coupon. FIRST 200 ARE ON BLUE VINYL AND ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FROM GREEN NOISE RECORDS! Also available on black vinyl.

Guantanamo Baywatch – Chest Crawl Cassette

Guantanamo Baywatch – Chest Crawl is now out on cassette! Burger Records/Dirtnap co-release, edition of 250!

Coming very soon: all 4 Marked Men LPs on cassette, Dirt Cult/Dirtnap co-releases.

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