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Minds, The “Plastic Girls”

Diskords “Pink Palace”

It’s the latest single from Portland’s 14 year old punk sensations The
Diskords! When most kids their age are busy rockin’ out to Limp Biskit,
Britney Spears,and whatever else it is that 14 year old kids listen to
(sorry, we here at Dirtnap are a little out of touch with these sorta
things!) , these guys have already progressed beyond their
RAMONES/HEARTBREAKERS covers era (when they were like 12!!!!!) into a
faster, leaner, meaner 70’s punk sound. A-Side is of particular
interest, as the song was written specifically for the band by Adam of
THE EXPLODING HEARTS, and the lyrical themes will be familiar to any
Hearts fan. The Diskords are seriously one of our fave bands in the NW,
and they just started fucking high school!