What is Dirtnap Records’ mailing address?

PO Box 7533

Madison, WI 53707

What is Dirtnap Records’ email address?

mail (at) dirtnaprecs.com

What is Dirtnap Records’ phone number?

Don’t call us.

Does Dirtnap Records accept  demos?

Demos may be sent to the email/physical address above. Private streams are our preferred method to receive them.

Please note that while we make a point to listen to all submissions, we are rarely looking for new bands/projects to take on.

Also, we don’t have time to offer “feedback” on unsolicited demos.

Does Dirtnap Records do pre-orders?

No. Preorders are lame. Until we have something to send you, we don’t want your money. We always announce well in advance exactly when a new release is going to go up for sale. To be the first to be notified when a new release is available, please consider signing up for our email list.

How can I buy Dirtnap Records releases wholesale for my store/distro?

All of Dirtnap’s wholesale sales go through our distributor, Revolver USA. If you are a store/distro, please contact uli (at) revolverusa.com for wholesale information.

I am outside the US, and want to order Dirtnap Records releases for my store/distro.

Stores and distros may either order our releases direct from Revolver, or from the following wholesale partners:

Australia: Rocket

Benelux: Sonic Rendevous

Canada: FAB

France: Differ-ANT

Italy: Goodfellas

Japan: Disk Union, Plop

Scandinavia: Borders

UK: Forte

How can I license Dirtnap Records releases for my movie/TV show/school play, etc?

All of Dirtnap’s licensing stuff goes through our good friends at Railer Entertainment. Please contact railersounds (at) gmail.com for more info.

How can I book Dirtnap Records bands to play my club/fest/bar mitzvah, etc?

Dirtnap isn’t directly involved with bookings, but if you are interested in booking any of our bands, please drop us an email and we can point you in the right direction.

Does Dirtnap Records do trades?


Do Dirtnap Records releases come with download codes?

Everything that we’ve released since January 2009 does. A lot of titles released before then currently do not, although if you buy an older title and want a digital version, we can probably arrange to send you one, just drop us an email.

Does Dirtnap Records stash away copies of out-of-print color vinyl and/or test pressings to sell later?

No. We don’t set aside copies of that sort of thing, our philosophy has always been to get ’em out the door as quickly as possible, and then move on to the next release. So if a title is not listed as being available on color vinyl, we don’t have it.

What is Green Noise Records?

Green Noise Records is a record store in Portland, OR. Green Noise and Dirtnap are no longer the same entity, but Green Noise remains the mailorder fulfillment outlet for all Dirtnap releases.