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Upcoming Dirtnap Releases

So here is the latest on Dirtnap’s ever nebulous release schedule.

Psyched To Die – Year One CD’s just showed up. Will have ’em on the website by the end of day.  Order please.

The Estranged – singles comp LP, Psyched To Die – Scatter Brained 7″ and The Raydios – Now LP are all  at pressing plant. Expect ’em in July.

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″ is about to go to pressing plant.

Mean Jeans LP/CD is being sequenced and will be sent off for mastering in the coming week.

Coconut Coolouts will be releasing a Halloween-themed 7″ on (wait for it) Halloween. Haven’t heard the recordings, but there is no way this is not going to rule. Come on.

Young Offenders singles comp LP is looking like it might wind up being a 2010 release.

Speaking of 2010 releases, we got some great shit in various stages of being lined up.  Probably a little early to hand out details just yet, but suffice to say there’ll be somethin’ for the whole fucking family………………….

Something Fierce “There Are No Answers”

“This is a gem of a record from start to finish – an adrenaline rush of hooks, choruses, and some of the cleverest pop writing since those BUZZCOCKS fellas picked up their guitars.” – Maximum Rock N Roll

“There Are No Answers is the heart of my 2009 soundtrack.” – Razorcake

Young kids from Houston with a rock-solid work ethic who like to tour. This band fits in perfectly on Dirtnap: it’s catchy, poppy punk that’s not really pop-punk, and rocks a little too hard to fit in with the power-pop (have we mentioned that we’re really sick of that term?) crowd. Unbelievably catchy, well written, well played (Steven “Babyface” Garcia can play the shit out of his guitar, and bassist Nikki Seven and drummer Andrew Keith are no slouches at their respective instruments, either) poppy punk with heart, brains, and hooks. Lots of hooks.

After being blown away by a stellar performance at Portland’s Plan B club back in January, we quickly came to an agreement with these guys to do a new LP in early 2010. Upon reflection, though, we realized we just couldn’t wait that long to wrap our slimy tentacles around this young band, and have decided to rush re-release their recent, self-released CD on vinyl. If there’s a catchier band in the current American punk underground, they should send us their demo! LP includes a download code!

Something Fierce video!

Something Fierce – There Are No Answers LP available NOW!

Something Fierce – There Are No Answers LP is available NOW!

First 200 are on white vinyl and are available mailorder ONLY! All copies come with Mp3 download coupon, insert, and cool postcard!

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