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Impulse International “Point Of Action”

This is Adam from Dirt Bike Annie’s current band. Heart-breakingly great garage pop with a timeless vibe. Perfect guitar power pop to die for, beyond infectious. Fits in perfectly on Dirtnap. Check it out if ya like the Beat, Shoes, Pointed Sticks, Exploding Hearts, etc.  We got tapped to release this CD a mere 3 weeks before it needed to be out. Totally worth re-arranging our release schedule to accommodate this gem. We had also said we were done with CD-only releases, but this was worth making an exception for.  Vinyl on Deranged.

Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD

Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD out on Dirtnap late 2009.

C’mon, you saw that coming.

As long as yer reading this, I might as well take a moment and update y’all on upcoming Dirtnap stuff.

Psyched To Die – Scatter Brained 7″ is being pressed as we speak. Will be out week after next.

The Raydios – Now LP and The Estranged – singles LP will both be out in a couple of weeks.

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″ has been sent off for mastering. Expect it’s release shortly after their debut single on Deranged comes out.

Late October should see a bunch of activity, with the Coconut Coolouts – Halloween 7″, Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us 7″, and the Mean Jeans – Are You Serious LP/CD.

Marked Men – Fix My Brain LP/CD should come out in November.

Other stuff in the works include an Autistic Youth LP/CD and Potential Johns 7″. Both of these have already been delayed to hell and high water, so no promises on when they might see the light of day. (get on it, guys!)

2010 is looking like it’s gonna be busy as hell. Look for LPs by Something Fierce, White Wires, King Louie and the Loose Diamonds, High Tension Wires, a Young Offenders singles comp, and a lotta other junk.

Mean Jeans on Pitchfork


Impulse International on tour!

The Impulse International are heading off on tour this coming week!

Make sure to go see ’em if they come to your town. The band doesn’t even play live that often (members are split between NYC area and Florida) much less tour, so this is kind of a big deal.

In the meantime, their debut CD, Point Of Action, should be hitting Dirtnap HQ this coming week!

08/07 @ Tommy’s Tavern, Brooklyn, NY

08/08 @ Lamp Post, Jersey City, NJ

08/14 @ Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA

08/15 @ Sam’s Lounge, Jackson, MS

08/16 @ Dragon’s Den, New Orleans, LA

08/17@ The Mink, Houston, TX

08/18@ Trailer Space Records, Austin, TX

08/20 @ Two Stick, Oxford, MS

08/21 @ Old Town Tavern, Sheffield, AL

08/22 @ The Earl, Atlanta, GA

White Wires


At first, we we going for something KBD-ish, minimal, hyper, and trashy. Then out came the EDDIE COCHRANE, and we ended up somewhere between the 50’s pop, 60’s garage, 70’s punk, 80’s new wave, and 90′ budget rock…..lost in the garbage dump! Thing is, it’s really fun being lost there, and we’ve decided that we don’t want to be found, so we’re just gonna hang around in the poppy reverb’d trash!” – Ian, The White Wires

Well said, Ian. We’re happy to announce the latest band to join the Dirtnap roster: Ottawa Ontario’s own White Wires!

The next couple of months will see a bunch of activity for the band: 2 new singles (on Trouble In Mind and Ugly Pop Records, respectively.), a Canadian tour with Nobunny, an appearance at Gonerfest 6, and a reissue of their ltd-to-325 debut LP on the wonderful Douchemaster Records.

The White Wires‘ll then hole up in the studio to start recording their first (but hopefully not last!) Dirtnap LP/CD, probably out in early 2010. We’re kinda obsessed with this band at the moment…………………….

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