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Davila 666/Mean Jeans


Ken from Dirtnap will be DJ-ing in between bands at this awesome show. Please show up!

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Mean Jeans/Impulse International Mp3s

Free Mean Jeans and Impulse International downloads available now from our Mp3 page! These and $2 will get you on the bus!

As long as we are in a generous mood, here is cover art/track list for the Mean Jeans LP:


The Mean Jeans – Are You Serious LP/CD

1. Born on a Saturday Night
2. Steve Don’t Party No More
3. Rats Roaches and Jeans
4. Party Animal
5. No Brainer
6. Outta Smokes
7. Case Race
8. Slime Time
9 . Total Creep
10. Throwin Stones
11. Space Trash
12. 2 Much Cocaine
13. Lets Pogo B4 U Gogo

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