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Recording Updates!

Potential Johns 7″ is mastered and is currently at the laquering plant. Yes, we did announce this over a year ago, and yes, it’s actually gonna happen.

Mind Spiders (Mark Ryan from Marked Men) have turned in the recordings for their (his?) debut 7″, we’re sending it off for mastering on Monday.

The Estanged’s 2nd album, The Subliminal Man, is currently being mastered, and the band is working on cover ideas, with ex-Dirtnap employee Amy Adoyzie acting as Executive Art Director for the project.

The White Wires are recording their 2nd album (and first for Dirtnap!) in Ottawa on December 28th and 29th. We’re psyched. You should be too.

And if you think the White Wires are the only Canadian band with a pending release on Dirtnap, you, sir, are sadly mistaken. Not 1 but 2 groups of their countrymen are putting the final touches on recordings for 7″s on our humble label. Annoucements to follow………………..

Coconut Coolouts – The Last Man You Will Ever See 7″ available NOW!



2 spooky Halloween songs released (of course!) just in time for Thanksgiving. Or 11 months early for Halloween 2010, your choice.

The Last Man That You Will Ever See and Monsters Crash (The Regular People’s Party) continue the tradition of killer singles from Seattle’s (nay, America’s!) premiere party-punk band, only with a macabre, bone-chilling twist.

Abject terror never sounded so gosh darn catchy. Are you inhuman enough?

All copies come with download code.

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″ available NOW!



Tense working class post-punk from San Francisco. Debut release from 2/3rds ex Giant Haystacks.

As much as we liked that band, this new incarnation is even better, hookier and more direct.

Minutemen meets Wire with a distinct DIY sensibility. Or, as the band describes themselves, “Gang Of Four getting rat-arsed on cider and covering the entire Strength Through Oi! comp.” That’ll work too.

All copies come with download code.

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