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Night Birds 7″

Dirtnap is psyched to announce the release the 2nd 7″ (following hot on the heels of their debut on Art Of The Underground) from New Jersey’s own Night Birds.

Night Birds’ lineup will look familiar to fans of Dirtnap and rad music in general, composed of members of The Ergs, Psyched To Die, Hunchback, and many more.

Musically, though, it’s probably not what you think (it’s better) given the ex members list. Think speedy, catchy stuff that blurs the lines of punk and very early So Cal hardcore, with lots of surf/spy guitar thrown on top! Adolescents meets Dead Kennedys? 5 songs that go by quick, including what I think is the first instrumental on a Dirtnap release, although it’s starting to get real hard to keep track of that shit.

Prospective release date is April 6th, 2010. Split release with Grave Mistake Records. At the band’s request, there is no color vinyl on this release, but the first 500 will come in stamped sleeves. All copies come with sticker and download coupon.


Busy Signals LPs back in stock!

Been awhile, but we got more of these. Order away.


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