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Goodnight Loving join Dirtnap Records


Milwaukee’s own Goodnight Loving have officially joined the Dirtnap roster. Look for their 4th LP (first for Dirtnap), The Goodnight Loving Supper Club, out on July 20th, 2010.

In the meantime, here’s a free Mp3 and track list.


Track List:

1. Ain’t It Weird
2. The Pan
3. Earworm
4. It’s A Long Way In A Bad Way
5. Candy Sore
6. Summer Dream
7. Bike + Stick
8. Deep Black Pool
9. Doesn’t Shake Me
10. Into A Grape
11. Addicted To Debt
12. Sunnyside
13. Ramble Jamble
14. Grandpa Died
15. Land Of Sky Blue Waters

Dirtnap T Shirts!


Been a long-ass time since we’ve been able to be bothered to print up T-shirts, but here ya go!

Young Governor and Night Birds 7″s available now!


Young Governor is Ben Cook from Fucked Up. And Marvelous Darlings. And Bitters, and probably a bunch more we can’t think of at the moment. When he contacted Dirtnap about releasing one of the 10 million or so 7″s they got coming out in the 010, it seemed like a no-brainer. Cindy?s Gonna Save Me is a fractured lo-fi pop gem, with perhaps a bit more of a 60?s influence than some Young Guv material. B side is a UK pub style smash. One time only pressing of 1000, all copies come with download coupon. FIRST 200 COPIES COME ON GOLD VINYL AND ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FROM GREEN NOISE RECORDS.


Night Birds lineup will look familiar to fans of Dirtnap and awesome music in general, being composed of members of The Ergs, Psyched To Die, Hunchback, and many more. Musically, though, it?s probably not what you think, (it?s better) given the ex members list. Think speedy, catchy stuff that blurs the lines of punk and very early So Cal hardcore, with lots of surf/spy guitar thrown on top! Adolescents meets Dead Kennedys? 5 songs that go by quick, including what I think is the first instrumental on a Dirtnap release, although at this point it?s starting to get real hard to keep track of that shit. Split release with Grave Mistake Records. At the band?s request, there is no color vinyl on this release, but the first 500 will come in hand stamped sleeves.