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Autistic Youth on tour!


Autistic Youth tour starts tomorrow, Idle Minds LP comes out Tuesday!

08/01 @ Rotture, Portland, OR

08/03 @ The Knockout, San Francisco, CA

08/04 @ Cali Mucho, San Pedro, CA

08/05 @ Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ

08/06 @ The Trainyard, Las Cruces, NM

08/07 @ Red 7, Austin, TX

08/08 @ The Phoenix Project, Dallas, TX

08/09 @ The Studded Bird, Kansas City, MO

08/10 @ Cranky Yellow, St Louis, MO

08/12 @ Ronny’s, Chicago, IL

08/13 @ Ground Zero House, Milwaukee, WI

08/14 @ Club Medusa, Minneapolis, MN

08/15 @ War On Music, Winnipeg, MB

08/16 @ TBA Regina, SK

08/17 @ Tubby Dog, Calgary, AB

08/18 @ TBA, Vancouver, BC

08/19 @ Mango House, Olympia, WA

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Marked Men “Fix My Brain”

Reissue of the 3rd Marked Men LP, which shows the band’s pop sensibilities in full bloom. Originally issued on Swami Records in 2006, this release put the Marked Men on many people’s radar, and remains some folks’ favorite to this day.

Goodnight Loving “The Goodnight Loving Supper Club”

GOODNIGHT LOVING have become a Milwaukee institution, but unlike “Laverne and Shirley” or Pabst Blue Ribbon, they’re still here adding to their legend. The Goodnight Loving Supper Club is another milestone in that legend, expanding on their already classic sound of country- and folk-laced rock ‘n roll by forging head-long into psychedelia, surf, spaghetti western, and anything else exotic enough to send your neurons into an electrified dance of pop induced pleasure.

With this their new album, GOODNIGHT LOVING follow in the footsteps of The Great American Rock & Roll Bands (ie. CCR, The Hawks, Crazy Horse, Big Star, The Replacements et al), reimagining the conventions of our native rock n’ roll in a way that’s both fresh and timeless. The Goodnight Loving Supper Club is the band’s first recording as a four piece, yet the sonic landscape they paint is more lush and nuanced than ever. Like all great bands around for more than an album or two, they’re maturing and pioneering, effortlessly weaving in ideas from unlikely sources to color their songs in ways that seem strange at first, but then obvious upon reflection. This is immediately apparent from the moment the needle drops, moving brusquely between 60’s British invasion-style psychedelia and twangy folk melancholy, to jangly barnstormers and songs of dark, bittersweet paranoia effortlessly and naturally. Along the album’s path we are treated to brief forays into tragic 50’s pop a la Del Shannon, Ennio Morricone on Mars instrumentals, nods to Roger Miller, and sugary, mind-warping harmonic Nuggets. Having toured Australia, Europe, and North America and released a string of full lengths and EPs, GOODNIGHT LOVING are prolific without sacrificing quality and consistent without stagnating.

Kenny Herzog wrote in CMJ that the band has ““incredible songs, smart lyrics, smart style and, above all, a sense of fun and ‘fuck it, let’s just play’ recklessness.” Those blessed with hearing The Goodnight Loving Supper Club will be introduced to the soundtrack of this season and beyond, hooked from opening melody to the last note’s reverb, coming out of the melodic euphoria only to flip the record over. This is “summer on a porch, sipping beer at dusk” music of the highest order. The Goodnight Loving Supper Club was recorded by Justin Perkins at Howl Street Recordings and The Mystery Room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will be released on Dirtnap Records.

Goodnight Loving Supper Club Stream

Head over to to stream Goodnight Loving Supper Club in it’s entirety!

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