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White Wires – WWII LP/CD available now!


White Wires – WWII LP/CD available now!

Ottawa bubblegum garage explosion! A sun-soaked garage-pop gem that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Simple, haunting, instantly memorable pop songs that’ll leave you glad to be alive.

First 200 copies are on WHITE vinyl, and are available exclusively from!
White vinyl LPs are $11, black vinyl and CD’s are $10. All copies come with download code.
Free shipping if yer order is $25 or more! (US customers only, sorry!)
This will be available on Itunes and to stores/distros on 11/30. Trades, please get in touch.

CLICK HERE to download Be True To Your School (‘Til You Get Kicked Out)

Track List:

1. Let’s Go To The Beach
2. Roxanne
3. Did You Forget My Name
4. I Can Tell
5. Just Wanna Be With You
6. Be True To Your School (‘Til You Get Kicked Out)
7. Popularity
8. Hands
9. Are You Mad
10. Outta My Mind
11. Summer Girl
12. Bye Bye Baby

This Wednesday In Portland….

It’s THAT time of the month again:


White Wires on Days Of Lore

Yet another write-up for the upcoming White Wires LP, this time courtesy of our pals at The Days Of Lore.

The Finest Kiss Reviews The White Wires

Funny White Wires Review

Here’s a funny White Wires review from BC’s The Tyee:

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