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Mind Spiders Get Fashionable

Mind Spiders on Pitchfork.

Don’t Let Her Go Mp3 on Pitchfork.

Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go Mp3

debuts today at Weekly Tape Deck!

White Wires LPs = Gone!

White Wires – WWII LPs are out of stock.

We accidentally oversold these by several copies, so if you’ve ordered in the past couple of days, you’ll probably be getting a refund today.

Sorry about that, the first pressing of 1000 went FAST! Re-press is being worked on, hopefully we’ll have these back in a couple of weeks.

Mind Spiders “s/t”

Solo pop explorations from Mark Ryan of the Marked Men! (yes, we used the same tag-line for the 7″, but it was too appropriate not to recycle!)

Around the time Denton, TX legends Marked Men were entering into their current state of semi- hibernation, co-singer/songwriter/ guitarist Mark Ryan decided he wanted to go in a slightly different direction for his next project, with recordings handled mostly by himself, and a fluid lineup of musicians to back him live. After an extremely well received 7″ on Dirtnap (released before the live version of the band had played a single show), Mind Spiders follow it up with a full length that doesn’t begin to disappoint.

Intelligent, highly crafted songwriting with lots of twists and turns, meticulously recorded at home with Mark himself playing most of the instruments. Pop with brains and substance, catchy stuff that isn’t afraid to spread out a bit and reflect a wide range of influences and interests. A little 60’s pop here, a little lo-fi there, a little weirdo-in-his-bedroom-with-a-4-track in other places. And if the opening song, Go!, sounds a bit like the Marked Men, that’s because that band recorded a version of it for their last LP, which was left off at the last minute. The live version of Mind Spiders is a different beast entirely. It’s a regular Denton/Ft. Worth all star band, with members of Bad Sports, High Tension Wires, Uptown Bums, Marked Men and a lot more, made unique in the fact that there are TWO drummers (Greg Rutherford of Bad Sports/High Tension Wires and Mike Throneberry of the Marked Men), lending a rather explosive element to the proceedings.

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