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Something Fierce – Empty Screens Mp3 debut

White Wires Video!

High Tension Wires – Red Vinyl

So it turns out we got far fewer High Tension Wires – Welcome New Machine LPs than we ordered, due to a problem with the center labels.

These are gone for now, but 100 more are being made. Should have an ETA within a couple of days.

Normally, we don’t do preorders, but in this case we will make an exception. Write us at mail (at) for preorder instructions.

Very sorry about this situation.

High Tension Wires – “Welcome New Machine”

3rd album from Dirtnap Records North Texas super-group!

The current lineup of High Tension Wires features Mike Wiebe (Riverboat Gamblers), Mark Ryan (Marked Men/Mind Spiders), Chris Pulliam (The Reds), plus Daniel Fried and Greg Rutherford (both of the just-signed-to-Dirtnap The Bad Sports, the live incarnation of The Mind Spiders, and way too many other Denton bands to mention). Past lineups have included Jeff Burke and Mike Throneberry of The Marked Men.

2011 brings us Welcome New Machine, a perfect synthesis of their previous 2 albums. Rocks as hard as Send A Message, while incorporating the nuances they began developing on Midnight Cashier.

A fair amount of ground is covered here, from the Marked Men’s trademark choppy pop sound to straightforward punk, to darker-edged postpunk, some new-wavey bits, and an absolutely stunning Teengenerate-style garagepunk ripper sung by Mark Ryan, all capped off by Mike Wiebe’s seemingly endless font of unusual, interesting lyrics.

Dirtnap Records SXSW Sampler!

BUY Mind Spiders LP


SXSW is almost here! Make sure and come by our showcase if you’re gonna be in town! Here’s the set times:

8 Something Fierce
8:45 Mind Spiders
9:30 Bad Sports
10:15 High Tension Wires
11 River City Tanlines
11:45 Steve Adamyk Band
12:30 White Wires
1:15 Mean Jeans

And make sure to download our SXSW Sampler, available here, featuring new tracks from Something Fierce and Bad Sports. Here’s the track list:

1. High Tension Wires – Get Weird
2. Mean Jeans – Steve Don’t Party No More
3. White Wires – Be True To Your School (Til You Get Kicked Out)
4. Mind Spiders – Don’t Let Her Go
5. Bad Sports – Teenage Girls
6. Something Fierce – Afghani Sands
7. River City Tanlines – Black Knight
8. The Steve Adamyk Band – I’ll Take You Anywhere

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