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Marked Men – On The Outside LP back in stock!


Marked Men – On The Outside LPs are back in stock after a very long absence. We had to re-master the album to get the re-press done, and the new version sounds GREAT!

Steve Adamyk Band – Forever Won’t Wait LP/CD

Dirtnap is psyched to formally announce our next release, The Steve Adamyk Band – Forever Won’t Wait LP/CD, out Nov. 15th. Signed to Dirtnap for his second album before his FIRST album (Self titled LP on P. Trash, soon to be reissued in the US by Dead Broke) even came out, this record has been awhile in the making, and well worth the wait!


CLICK HERE to download Landslide.

1. “Take It Back”
2. “Landslide”

3. “I Run Wild”

4. “Gonna Die”

5. “Forever Won’t Wait”

6. “Election Day”

7. “Only Wanted You to Know”
8. “Ontario”

9. “Bored of Love”

10. “Never Wake Up”

11. “X-Eyed Tammy” (the Dickies)

The Steve Adamyk Band are a bunch of obnoxious, rowdy, “kids” from Ottawa, Ontario. While the name would automatically draw comparison to a blues, jazz or rock band given the layout, make no mistake; the Steve Adamyk Band are a punk band. The SAB play trash-pop inspired by seventies punk, the skinny tie bands of the eighties and nineties garage rock. From the ashes of Million Dollar Marxists (Gearhead Records) and Sedatives (Deranged Records), the group was born out of necessity – a whack load of orphan songs with no band to call home. Frustrated playing in bands the would eventually call it quits, Adamyk formed a band that could have an endless timeline, even if the name is outside of the standard band name zone. Releasing two European singles before their first live performance, the SAB would go on to unload 4 seven inch singles and an LP in 2010. The self-titled LP in question sold out its initial pressing in three months and received rave reviews, including being hailed as Ben Weasel’s favourite album of 2010. The following year, the SAB toured Europe, performed at SXSW and recorded their sophomore LP “Forever Won’t Wait” to be unleashed by Portland, OR’s Dirtnap Records closing in on the end of the year. More touring and releases are currently in the works for 2012, as it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Grand Reopening Party!


We’re having a party to celebrate the opening of our brand new location at 3840 SE Gladstone! Please stop by!