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Little Cuts 7″ out now!


Little Cuts – Plastic Disaster out NOW! 3 song EP of loud, chaotic pop from Seattle’s Little Cuts, featuring Dave Hernandez of Scared Of Chaka and The Shins. A-side is a slow building pop jam that would not have sounded too out of place in Broadcast Oblivion’s (Dave’s underrated post-Scared Of Chaka pre-Shins band) set, backed with 2 lo-fi garage stompers on the B-side. FIRST 200 COME ON RANDOM COLOR VINYL, MAILORDER ONLY! All copies come with download code.

Little Cuts 7″ out this week

Little Cuts 7″ is running a few days behind, but we’ll have ’em around Friday. In the meantime, head over to Itunes to download it now!