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Mind Spiders Tour!

The Mind Spiders are going on tour at the end of this week! Please go see ’em if you live within the vicinity of the following towns:

03/23 @ Dude Ranch, Oxford, MS
03/24 @ The Earl, Atlanta, GA
03/25 @ The End, Nashville, TN
03/26 @ Landlocked Music, Bloomington, IN
03/27 @ Lager House, Detroit, MI
03/28 @ Trophy House, Kalamazoo, MI
03/29 @ The Burlington, Chicago, IL
03/30 @ Linnemans, Milwaukee, WI
03/31 @ Turf Club, Saint Paul, MN
04/08 @ Psych Fest, Austin, TX
06/01 @ Granada, Dallas, TX
06/03 @ Chaos In Tejas, Austin, TX

Mean Jeans – On Mars LP/CD


Mean Jeans – On Mars LP/CD out April 17th!

We don’t do preorders, cause preorders are lame.

There will be an edition of 300 LPs on Mars-red vinyl that will be made available mailorder-only (or by stopping in Green Noise Records in Portland) on the release date.

There will also be an “retail” edition of 200 on clear vinyl,that will be made available to indie record stores ONLY, via our distributor, No Idea.

In addition to that, there will be plenty of black vinyl as well!

R U Ready 2 Rip it up?

Track List:
1. Ready 2 Rip
2. Life On Mars
3. Hangin’ Tuff
4. Crummy Crummy
5. Come Toobin’
6. Total Yo-Yo
7. School Lunch Victim
8. Anybody Out There?
9. Nite of the Creeps
10. I’m A Pile
11. Don’t Stop Partying
12. Forever In Mean Jeans
13. 2 Twisted 2 Luv U

CLICK HERE to download Anybody Out There?

Anybody Out There? video coming soon!