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Guantanamo Baywatch – Chest Crawl LP/CD Out Now


Guantanamo Baywatch – Chest Crawl LP/CD out now! First 200 LPs are on GREEN vinyl and are only available via mailorder!

Download Sad Over You Mp3 courtesy of Vice!
Stream the entire album courtesy of Self Titled magazine!

2nd album (first for Dirtnap) of sexy, sleazy, reverb’d out slime from Guantanamo Baywatch.

Guantanamo Baywatch was started by Jason Powell and Chevelle Wiseman in Portland about 4 years ago to an immediately enthusiastic reception, released a very well received and now out-of-print LP on Portland’s awesome Hovercraft Records, as well as a couple of EP’s/tapes. The band really came into it’s own, though, in late 2010, with the addition of Chris Michael (also in BOOM!) on drums.

Technically they joined the Dirtnap roster in June 2011, but they took their time recording their debut for the label, done mostly at home by the band themselves. Chest Crawl sees the band working more vocal numbers into the mix, incorporating the usual surf/garage suspects (Cramps, Trashmen), more obscure 50’s rock n’ roll/RNB wildmen, as well as slightly heavier nods toward the young-oldies sound being popularized today by bands such as Hunx, Shannon And The Clams, Nobunny, etc.

Wildly popular here in Portland, and not afraid to tour, Guantanamo Baywatch are gonna be all over the place in 2012, starting with a 2 week tour with frequent bill-mates The Mean Jeans in March, followed by a solid summer of touring following the release of Chest Crawl.

Dirtnap doesn’t sign up local Portland bands very often (last one was Mean Jeans in late 2008!), so when we do, pay attention! FIRST 200 LPS ARE ON GREEN VINYL AND ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FROM GREEN NOISE. All LPs come with download coupon.

Mean Jeans On Mars Vinyl

Mean Jeans On Mars red vinyl is out of print, black still available!

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