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2014 Update!

Happy New Year from Dirtnap Records!

Dirtnap had an amazing year in 2013, one of our very best yet. It’s great that 14 years in, the label continues to grow and evolve, and be a lotta fun to be involved with.

Here’s a little look at what we’ve got in the works for 2014:

I am beyond stoked to announce that Dirtnap has signed a master-use licensing agreement with our friends at Sub Pop Records. (we thought we’d help ‘em out)

 Effective immediately (if not sooner), they are going to be helping us get songs into movies, TV shows, video games, school plays, etc etc. This has been in the works for awhile, but it’s only just now that we can publicly announce it. Big thanks to Lacey @ Sub Pop for making it happen, and to Brian @ Railer for helping us with this stuff up to now!

The Dirtnap Showcases in Seattle and Portland back in September went so well that we’re inspired to put on more in 2014. For those who could not make the trip to the Pacific NW last fall, it looks like there’ll be showcases in NYC in May, and Ottawa (as part of the Ottawa Explosion festival) in June. More to come, hopefully!

As far as releases go, it looks like another busy year. Only a couple of new bands, but most of our current roster is threatening to return with new albums.

Neighborhood Brats – Total Dementia 7” will be out next week. This is a US pressing (with different cover art) of a previously limited-to-300 tour-only European 7” that came out a few months ago.

The Estranged are back with their 3rd album, Languid Skies, which we are working feverishly to get out. An epic, sprawling masterpiece, this is by far their best record yet, which is really saying something at this point.

Sonic Avenues – Mistakes LP/CD comes out April 1st, no foolin’. They’ve raised the bar on this one, songwriting wise, and the result is an extremely well-realized batch of songs that builds on the strengths of their 2 previous albums, while heading off in new directions as well.

Voicemail are hard at work on their debut LP for Dirtnap. Voicemail is yet another great Ottawa band, this one featuring various White Wires and Mother’s Children (among others) members. 

Hot on the heels of their insanely well received debut album, Radioactivity is fixin’ to record another 7” and LP next month, to be released in the Spring. We’ll also be releasing a CD with everything they’ve recorded  on it.

Also threatening to record new stuff in the coming months are Something Fierce, Sugar Stems, Mean Jeans, Low Culture, Steve Adamyk Band, and probably some more that I am forgetting about. So yeah, looks like 2014 will be a good year!

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