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Charming Snakes “Ammunition”

If you fancy distorted bass, then you’re sure to love the Charming Snakes, as fuzzy low frequencies are offered in heaping doses through their debut full-length, Ammunition. With more and more bands of the early 21st century looking back to the ’80s for inspiration, the Seattle-by-way-of-Austin Charming Snakes base their sound largely around such influences as the Fall, Sonic Youth, and Mission of Burma. Despite having issued only one album as of 2005, the Snakes already have a history behind them, as various members of the Shins, the Intelligence, and Scared of Chaka have passed through the band’s ranks at one point or another. While  most ’80s-appreciative bands tend to focus on snappy choruses, the Charming Snakes
are more interested in the sonic side of things, as evidenced by the  biting guitar of “See You in the Alps,” while you can’t help but think
of the Stooges circa Fun House when the saxophone rears its head on “Epic Jams.” And as evidenced by  such standout tracks as “Loon” and “Ammunition,” the band can succeed at making you want to jump up and do the Pogo.  – All Music Guide

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