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Neighborhood Brats – Total Dementia EP



Neighborhood Brats are back with a one-off 7” for Dirtnap, and it’s a scorcher!

This is a US pressing (with different cover art) of a recent limited-to-300 tour 7” that had
previously only been available on the band’s Fall 2013 European tour.

Led by crazed frontwoman Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager,
and recently relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco, the
Neighborhood Brats are joined on this record by the new rhythm section
of Tommy Branch and Richie Cardenas. The new lineup tears through 3
originals (The title track is actually a re-worked version of the b-side
of the Roofie And The Nightstalkers lone 7”, Jenny and George’s short
lived pre-Neighborhood Brats project.) and a Go-Go’s cover, all to
ferocious effect.  Neighborhood Brats are one of our very favorite
current bands, and we are beyond excited to release this EP! All copies
come with download coupon, first 200 on color vinyl.

Track list:

1. Total Dementia

2. Speckelos Nightmare

3. Bombay Beach Party Death Camp

4. Lust To Love

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