Mind Spiders “Furies” Available now! 1st 300 on green vinyl, exclusively available from Green Noise Records! Order at www.greennoiserecords.com

Raydios “Now”

EDITION OF 200 ON BLUE VINYL. MAILORDER ONLY! Our first release from a Japanese band, and we couldn’t really ask for a better one than this. For those not in the know, the Raydios is Fink from the legendary Teengenerate and Firestarter’s current band.   This is their 2nd album, coming about 10 years (!) after their Demo LP on Screaming Apple. The CD version of Now was released by Japan’s Mangrove Records last year (and is being distributed by Dirtnap in the USA), and is just now seeing the light of day on vinyl. It’s been remastered for vinyl and re-mixed by Fink himself, and sounds GREAT. Musically this is no frills, crunchy, mid tempo rock n roll. Less trashy than Teengenerate, but not quite as “pop” as Firestarter, this is kinda a middle ground between the two. Total dream release for Dirtnap. Pinch us.

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