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Sugar Stems “Only Come Out At Night”

Betsy, Jon, Steph, and Drew are back with their third and finest album - and this time they're joined by Andy 
Harris (ex Goodnight Loving) on organ! 

Only Come Out At Night is the second Sugar Stems album to be released on Dirtnap and follows last year's wonderful
and warmly received Can't Wait. 

Sugar Stems are still the best power pop band going today, and again the band has delivered a beautifully crafted
and immaculately produced collection of songs. Continuing in the direction of Can't Wait, this album finds Betsy's
songwriting reaching new levels of sophistication and maturity. And with the added dimension of keyboards, the 
band's sound is fuller and richer than ever. Longtime fans hoping for impossibly catchy melodies and big hooks 
will not be disappointed in Only Come Out At Night. "The One" and "Radio Heartthrob" will have you wondering aloud
why they're not massive radio hits. And tracks like "Haunted" and "Run Rabbit Run" demonstrate that Sugar Stems 
can still rock with the best of 'em. But by no means has the band delivered a mere repeat of previous albums. The 
'60s-inspired "Some Might Say" and acoustic "Million Miles" are gorgeous pop gems that pick up where previous
masterpieces like "Love You To Pieces" left off. And while "growing up" can sometimes be the death of a pop band, 
the 1-2 opening punch
of "Baby Teeth" and "I Know Where I'm Going" suggests that Sugar Stems are only getting better as their music 
probes deeper into fully adult themes. Betsy has become a veritable powerhouse on vocals, and the band as a whole 
has never sounded tighter or more assured. 

Boasting the band's most beautiful melodies to date along with near flawless production, Only Come Out At Night 
will delight existing Sugar Stems fans and attract a whole lot of new ones. Whether you're a power pop aficionado 
or a lover of great music in general, this is one you won't want to miss. 

Cover art is an original water color painting by Betsy!

The first 140 of the LP come on limited edition, mailorder-only CLEAR vinyl. All copies come with coupon for 3
20 kps Mp3 download. All mailorder copies come with free poster, while supplies last. 


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