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Impulse International on tour!

The Impulse International are heading off on tour this coming week!

Make sure to go see ’em if they come to your town. The band doesn’t even play live that often (members are split between NYC area and Florida) much less tour, so this is kind of a big deal.

In the meantime, their debut CD, Point Of Action, should be hitting Dirtnap HQ this coming week!

08/07 @ Tommy’s Tavern, Brooklyn, NY

08/08 @ Lamp Post, Jersey City, NJ

08/14 @ Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA

08/15 @ Sam’s Lounge, Jackson, MS

08/16 @ Dragon’s Den, New Orleans, LA

08/17@ The Mink, Houston, TX

08/18@ Trailer Space Records, Austin, TX

08/20 @ Two Stick, Oxford, MS

08/21 @ Old Town Tavern, Sheffield, AL

08/22 @ The Earl, Atlanta, GA

White Wires


At first, we we going for something KBD-ish, minimal, hyper, and trashy. Then out came the EDDIE COCHRANE, and we ended up somewhere between the 50’s pop, 60’s garage, 70’s punk, 80’s new wave, and 90′ budget rock…..lost in the garbage dump! Thing is, it’s really fun being lost there, and we’ve decided that we don’t want to be found, so we’re just gonna hang around in the poppy reverb’d trash!” – Ian, The White Wires

Well said, Ian. We’re happy to announce the latest band to join the Dirtnap roster: Ottawa Ontario’s own White Wires!

The next couple of months will see a bunch of activity for the band: 2 new singles (on Trouble In Mind and Ugly Pop Records, respectively.), a Canadian tour with Nobunny, an appearance at Gonerfest 6, and a reissue of their ltd-to-325 debut LP on the wonderful Douchemaster Records.

The White Wires‘ll then hole up in the studio to start recording their first (but hopefully not last!) Dirtnap LP/CD, probably out in early 2010. We’re kinda obsessed with this band at the moment…………………….

Win a Impulse International CD!


Hey – The Impulse International are gonna be on the wonderful Ludicrous Speed show on Punk And Beans Radio tonight at 8PM EST.

They’ll be giving away copies of the forthcoming CD on Dirtnap to a couple of lucky, lucky listeners. Check it out.

And if yer not by your computer right then, don’t fret, past shows are archived at Good luck winning any free CD’s, though.

Psyched To Die Portland Shows

Psyched To Die are playing a couple of shows in Portland next week, including 1 that was added earlier today! Please come out!

08/05 @ East End, 21+, $6. early show, 7 pm!

Dirtnap Records Presents:

Psyched To Die
Deep Sleep

just added:

08/07 @ SLOUCH VEGAS HOUSE (1435 NE Junior st)

Psyched To Die
Deep Sleep

Something Fierce tour!


Something Fierce leaves for tour tomorrow! (no Portland show, boo!) Go see ’em!

07/23 @ Saturn Bar, New Orleans, LA

07/24 @ Egans, Tuscaloosa, AL

07/25 @ Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA

07/26 @ Longbranch Saloon, Knoxville, TN

07/27 @ House Show, Raleigh, NC

07/28 @ Nara Sushi, Richmond, VA

07/29 @ Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC

07/31 @ The Spot, Wilmington, DE

08/01 @ Molest Fest, Philadelphia, PA

08/02 @ O’Briens Pub, Boston, MA

08/05 @ Now That’s Class, Cleveland, OH

08/07 @ Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL

08/08 @ Frank’s Power Plant, Milwaukee, WI

08/08 @ Mr Roberts, Madison, WI

08/10 @ The Hexagon, Minneapolis, MN

08/11 @ Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA

08/12 @ Riot Room, Kansas City, MO

08/13 @ Sound Pony, Tulsa, OK

08/14 @ Hailey’s, Denton, TX

08/15 @ house show, Waco, TX

08/17 @ The Mink, Houston, TX

Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us


Goodnight Loving – Nothing Conquers Us/Scary Bad 7″ out on Dirtnap in late October.

These guys have long been favorites ’round the Dirtnap offices, and we couldn’t be more excited to be releasing somethin’ by them. whoo!

Impulse International – Point Of Action CD


This just in:

Impulse International debut full length CD on Dirtnap, out in 3 or 4 weeks.

Yes, 3 or 4 weeks. We move fast when we gotta. Vinyl on Deranged.

This is Adam from Dirt Bike Annie’s current band. Heart-breakingly great garage pop with a timeless vibe. Totally worth re-arranging our release schedule to accommodate this gem.

Track List:

1. Soundtrack Tonight
2. Dedication to Action
3. Rooftops & Bus Stops
4. Hey Girl
5. Telephone
6. Pretty Girls
7. Tear Down My Walls
8. Tina, No
9. Automatic Breakdown
10. Here She Comes
11. Jennifer
12. I Found You
13. Wild Sound
14. Drink or Two

The Estranged – Static Thoughts LP


It’s been awhile, but The Estranged – Static Thoughts LPs are back in stock. Order yers today!

In other Estranged news, the band’s demo-ing songs next month to be recorded in October for a new full length on Dirtnap! Hurrah!

Psyched To Die – Year One CD available NOW!


Psyched To Die practically qualify as a New Jersey punk all-star band, being composed of ex-members of The Ergs, For Science, Hunchback and a bunch more.

Forget all that, though, this sounds nothing like any of those bands! (Mikey Erg is nothing if not versatile!)

Starting off as a straightforward (DC meets early Touch And Go?) hardcore band with lyrics about as uplifting as the name would suggest, Psyched To Die’s newer material slows it down just a bit and explores the area where punk and early hardcore intersect, kind of a cross between Dangerhouse and early Orange County stuff. (if the song title “OCD Life” is not a Rikk Angew nod, it should be!)

Happy-fun-time music this ain’t. This is fast, dirty, bleak and negative, but still pretty darn catchy.

This CD compiles the as-yet-unreleased Dirtnap 7″ (patience!), the Sterile Walls 7″ released on Grave Mistake/Firestarter, the 8 song demo (some of their best stuff in our humble opinion!) and may or may not include a hidden bonus track! You’ll just have to buy it and find out!

Head over to our mailorder site,  Green Noise Records,  and pick yerself up a copy!

Upcoming Dirtnap Releases

So here is the latest on Dirtnap’s ever nebulous release schedule.

Psyched To Die – Year One CD’s just showed up. Will have ’em on the website by the end of day.  Order please.

The Estranged – singles comp LP, Psyched To Die – Scatter Brained 7″ and The Raydios – Now LP are all  at pressing plant. Expect ’em in July.

Airfix Kits – Playing Both Sides 7″ is about to go to pressing plant.

Mean Jeans LP/CD is being sequenced and will be sent off for mastering in the coming week.

Coconut Coolouts will be releasing a Halloween-themed 7″ on (wait for it) Halloween. Haven’t heard the recordings, but there is no way this is not going to rule. Come on.

Young Offenders singles comp LP is looking like it might wind up being a 2010 release.

Speaking of 2010 releases, we got some great shit in various stages of being lined up.  Probably a little early to hand out details just yet, but suffice to say there’ll be somethin’ for the whole fucking family………………….

Something Fierce video!

Something Fierce – There Are No Answers LP available NOW!

Something Fierce – There Are No Answers LP is available NOW!

First 200 are on white vinyl and are available mailorder ONLY! All copies come with Mp3 download coupon, insert, and cool postcard!

$10 plus shipping, FREE media rate shipping (US customers only, sorry) if your order is over $25!

Just a reminder: you can’t order anything from this site,  you gotta do all ordering from

Want to skip the shopping cart program and just order direct via paypal? Just email ahead and we will get back to you with a shipping quote, stat.

Something Fierce – Teenage Ruins Mp3


The rebuilding of our MP3 page continues!

Just approved the test pressings for the Something Fierce – There Are No Answers LP.  The CD turned out real good, but let me tell you, the vinyl sounds AMAZING.

There will be 200 copies on white vinyl that’ll be available via mailorder ONLY, 2 inserts, and all copies will come with a coupon for a free download. Classy!

Download Teenage Ruins

Psyched To Die Mp3/Cover Art/Track List(s)


Got the masters for the Psyched 2 Die 7″, and I gotta say, we’re excited (bet you thought I was gonna say psyched, didn’t you?) for this one!

It’ll be a 4 song 7″ (Scatter Brained) , as well as a CD (Year One) which’ll include the Sterile Walls 7″, 4 song demo, and a hidden bonus track in addition to the Scatter Brained tracks.

Download Conditioned To Fail

Here’s the track list:



massive Dirtnap Records recording update

After a period of relative inactivity (due to all our fucking bands breaking up!) lots of exciting shit’s being recorded for future release on Dirtnap right now.

Here’s the latest:

Something Fierce – There Are No Answers LP has been re-mastered for vinyl and is in production. Got the test lacquers, which sound KILLER.

Autistic Youth is finishing the mixing for their upcoming Dirtnap LP this weekend. Have heard the rough mixes, they absolutely rule.

The Raydios – Now LP is being re-mixed as we speak. We’re then gonna re-master it for vinyl and unleash it upon the American masses this summer. Ex Teengenerate and Firestarter, ya know.

Mean Jeans head into the studio in about two weeks to record their debut full length and follow up to their smash hit 7″, License 2 Chill, just released by Dirtnap. (natch!)

Psyched To Die
are recording this month as well. We’ll be releasing a 7″ (Scatter Brained) from these sessions, as well as a CD (Year One) compiling the 7″, the Sterile Walls 7″ (released by Grave Mistake/Firestarter), their original demo, and a bonus track. Just in case you didn’t know, Psyched To Die  practically qualify as a New Jersey supergroup, with ex members of The Ergs!, Hunchback, and For Science, among others.

Something Fierce signs to Dirtnap


One of our very favorite up and coming young bands, Houston, TX’s Something Fierce has officially joined the Dirtnap roster.

The original plan was to release a new album in early 2010, but we decided we just couldn’t wait that long to sink our claws into the band.

So we’re psyched to announce that the next Dirtnap release is gonna be a vinyl-only reissue of their new, self-released CD, There Are No Answers.

Look for it in May, followed by some touring this summer. The band will then begin preparations for their proper Dirtnap debut LP/CD, which I can pretty much guarantee is gonna blow your mind.

What do they sound like, you ask? Here’s a couple reviews of There Are No Answers that say it better than I can:

Houston’s best little secret, which like all the other nuggets of gold currently come out of Texas should should be public domain. This is a gem of a record from start to finish – an adrenaline rush of hooks, choruses, and some of the cleverest pop writing since those BUZZCOCKS fellas picked up their guitars. It’s got that MARKED MEN X-factor, that UK ’79 buzz, and a fine indie sensibility that reminds me a hell of a lot of THE PIXIES. This is one of those special records that just grows and grows with every listen till you’re head-over-heels in love with it. They’re coming to my town in two weeks and I’ve already booked a day off work, and got my drinking exercise routine in full effect – now all I gotta do is bring this record home, learn all the words, and get my dance moves polished to perfection. A brilliant record by a brilliant band (SD)

“Teenage Ruins” is a perfect song. Something Fierce take a great hook and beat the tar out of it—it’s as catchy as the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks” but it’s a different kind of perfection, faster, louder, more frantic. Fifty listens (and counting) it’s still holding up. That’s “all-time great” in my book. Now let’s say, for sake of argument, that There Are No Answers subsequently faltered, failed to scale those lofty heights, never again took in that rarified air. Would it be a record worthy of seeking out? Yes. “Teenage Ruins” is that good. But Something Fierce wouldn’t pull that one-hit wonder crap on you. Time and time again they uncork songs I turn up as a matter of reflex. Guitar lines that are simple and infectious. Lead vocals that melt into backing vocals as they hold the vowel sounds at the end of the lines. I almost never understand the lyrics and I howl along anyway. (Isn’t that a symptom of Marked Men Syndrome?) There are nine excellent cuts here. It’s like a greatest hits record. The remaining three cuts, the relative stragglers, sound like Pete Shelley and company. That’s right, at its relative weakest, this disc reminds me of the Buzzcocks! There Are No Answers is the heart of my 2009 soundtrack.
–Mike Faloon

Mean Jeans – License 2 Chill green vinyl 7″ available now.


$4 plus shipping. Mailorder-only edition of 200 on slime green vinyl. (limit 1 per customer, please) Mailorder customers also get free download code. Head over to to pick up yer copy!

Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic LP now back in stock!


We let this one go out of print for a little bit, cause we knew we would be switching distributors at the end of 2008. But now it’s back, and will be sticking around for awhile. Mailorder customers get free download code with purchase. What you waiting for?

Welcome To The New Dirtnap Records Website

Hello there! Welcome to the new Dirtnap Records site. C’mon in and set a spell.

Pardon our disorganization while we get this up and running.

In the meantime, just a reminder that this site is strictly for informational porpoises only, ALL ordering is to be done from

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