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Mind Spiders – Prosthesis Out Now!

Prosthesis Cover Art

Out now on LP and digital! First 500 copies come on clear vinyl and are available mailorder only! All copies come with 320kps digital download coupon.

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Fourth album in 5 years from Mark Ryan’s shadowy, shape-shifting “solo” band.

Based in Ft. Worth, TX, Mind Spider’s launched pretty much immediately after Mark’s last project, the well-loved, highly-influential Marked Men went on indefinite hiatus at the beginning of 2009. (and Dirtnap Records agreed to put out their debut 7” and LP before even hearing the band!)

Earliest recordings were Mark playing more-or-less everything (except drums on some tracks), but since then the Mind Spiders lineup has been continually evolving, with Mark remaining the sole songwriter and constant member.

On this album, the lineup is Mark Ryan (Marked Men, Radioactivity, High Tension Wires, etc), Daniel Fried (Bad Sports, Radioactivity, Video, High Tension Wires, etc), Mike Throneberry (Marked Men) and Peter Salisbury (Baptist Generals/Sub Pop Records). Currently, the live band is a guitar-keyboard/drum 3 piece featuring Mark, Mike and Peter.

 Each Mind Spiders album has been different from the last. With that said, Prosthesis is probably a bit less of a stylistic departure from their last album (Inhumanistic, 2013) than from previous work. The album clocks in at a brief 8 tracks, however the songs tend to run a little longer than normal, really giving the individual songs room to breathe and grow.

Keyboard and guitar blend seamlessly into ominous, bleak (yet somehow still super catchy!) dark pop explorations, also incorporating postpunk, bedroom pop, krautrock, and tons of other obscure references along the way.

The first Mind Spiders album to be recorded at Mark and Jeff Burke’s (Radioactivity, Marked Men) new Cool Devices studio in Ft. Worth, this is easily their best, fullest sounding effort yet! Prosthesis also is the first Mind Spiders album to be mastered by Mark himself.


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Mind Spiders – Prosthesis LP and Cold Mp3

Prosthesis Cover Art

Mind Spiders return with their 4th album for Dirtnap on March 12th, with the release of “Prosthesis” on vinyl and digital!

Check out the track “Cold”, courtesy of the AV Club!


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