Sonic Avenues – Disconnector LP/CD Out Now!

The Splits German Tour Dates


Oct 27 – Berlin – secret show in F-Hain
Oct 28 – Hamburg @ Gun Club
Oct 29 – Erfurt @ AJZ
Oct 30 – Berlin @ Bei Ruth
Oct 31 – Leipzig @ Zoro

Radioactivity California Dates

More tour dates in from Radioactivity!

10/13 Santa Rosa @ The Arlene Francis Center
10/14 San Francisco @ the Hemlock Tavern
10/15 Oakland @ 1-2-3-4 Go Records
10/16 Pomona @ VLHS
10/17 San Pedro @ San Pedro Brewing Co
10/18 San Diego @ Soda Bar

Radioactivity NW Dates



Sound & Salt is bringing Radioactivity to the NW for a string of shows. California dates to be announced soon!

All dates with label-mates Low Culture!

10/8 @ Black Lodge, Seattle, WA

10/9 @ The Cobalt, Vancouver, BC

10/10 @ Wheelies, Victoria, BC

10/11 @ Panic Room, Portland, OR


Nervosas European Tour Dates


Nervosas are goin’ to Europe for the first time! Tour starts tomorrow! Show ’em some Euro-love!

Do. 27.08.2015 Münster – Gleis 22
Fr. 28.08.2015 Aachen – Lola Paroli
Sa. 29.08.2015 Hamburg – Get Lost Fest at Molotow (early show)
& Kiel – Just A Little Bit Dangerous VII Fest at Hansastr. 48 (regular show)
So. 30.08.2015 HELP NEEDED
Mo. 31.08.2015 Oslo – Akers Mek
Di. 01.09.2015 Uppsala – Ungdomens Hus
Mi. 02.09.2015 Stockholm – Human Hands
Do. 03.09.2015 HELP NEEDED
Fr. 04.09.2015 Aalborg – 1000 Fryd
Sa. 05.09.2015 Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset
So. 06.09.2015 Berlin – K 19
Mo. 07.09.2015 Gdynia – Desdemona
Di. 08.09.2015 Warsaw – tba
Mi. 09.09.2015 Krakow – Pikny Pies
Do. 10.09.2015 Vienna – Venster
Fr. 11.09.2015 Würzburg – Trainspotting Fest
Sa. 12.09.2015 Hannover – Punk Fest #2 at Korn
So. 13.09.2015 Leipzig – Zoro
Mo. 14.09.2015 Munich – Kafe Kult
Di. 15.09.2015 Budapest – Müszi
Mi. 16.09.2015 Zagreb – Attack
Do. 17.09.2015 Bologna – Atlantide
Fr. 18.09.2015 Toulouse – tba
Sa. 19.09.2015 Barcelona – Transformadors
So. 20.09.2015 Madrid – Rock Palaca
Mo. 21.09.2015 Logrono – Villatruño Squat
Di. 22.09.2015 Bordeaux – tba
Mi. 23.09.2015 Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Do. 24.09.2015 Kortrijk – The Pits
Fr. 25.09.2015 Amsterdam – Vrankrijk
Sa. 26.09.2015 Mannheim – Juz

Phylums – Phylum Phyloid LP Out Now!



Attention, please! It’s not often that we present the absolute first release from a band. Generally we like to wait till a particular act has a record or two under their belts, has toured some, etc etc before we jump on ‘em. With that said, here is world-debut release from this straight-up, no-frills rock n’ roll band from Milwaukee, members of Goodnight Loving, Sugar Stems, Holy Shit!, Head On Electric, and lots more! They have been playing shows around WI for a handful of years now, but since they haven’t released anything, very few people from outside their hometown have heard of ‘em!  Don’t sleep on this band!


First 200 are on green vinyl and are available only at


Order your copy now, or download from


Free shipping with $35 order (US customers only, sorry), 1000’s of other titles available in our distro! All copies come with download coupon! Free Phylums posters with order, while supplies last!


Stream the whole thing here:


Like a spore in a petri dish, Phylums slowly cultivated in the dank basements of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2011. With a common goal of creating stripped-down, primitive rock n’ roll, members of Wisconsin acts Goodnight Loving, Head On Electric, and Holy Shit! started banging out three-chord homages to the Sonics, Creedence, the Monks…any band with a simple message and no-frills attack.

Phylums took this primitive drive into Kyle Motor’s recording studio in Madison Wisconsin in summer 2014.  It took the band under 24 hours to record their complete debut album on reel-to-reel eight track. Surfy guitar leads and wandering fuzz combined with a rhythm section of driving toms and bass make up the core instrumentation, but a shades of organ, piano, and even a vacuum cleaner add to the sonic palette.

The songs, ranging from party rave-ups to off-kilter introspections, eschew the traditional boy/girl tropes of most three chord songs and instead focus on, amongst other things, alienation, the afterlife, speech impediments, and the frustrating beauty and monotony of modern life.


Track List:

1. Can’t Get Through
2. Bottle Of Wine
3. Cold Coffee
4. Route 66
5. Crummy Side Of Town
6. Stutter Bug
7. I Gotta Know
8. IC3D
9. Absurdity
10. Time Capsule
11. Vacuum Cleaner
12. Go Home