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Green Noise Records Buyer’s Remorse Club!



Introducing the Green Noise Records Buyer’s Remorse Club!

It’s pretty simple: Every time you stop in here and spend at least $10, you get a punch. When you get 10 punches, you get a $15 credit slip. Cool, eh?

Come by Green Noise for your free punchcard, or our marketing intern Kaci is dropping these off at carefully selected local businesses as I type this.

Yes, that’s my picture on the card. No, it wasn’t my idea to put my own picture on the card.

Sorry, outta town types, this one’s for local PDX yokels only!

Tranzmitors “You Get Around”

Things have been quiet record-wise in The Tranzmitor’s camp the past couple of years, but now that silence has been broken! 2 more pitch-perfect mod-pop meets 70’s punk sing-a-longs, with an extremely vague phone theme going on. Great songs even by their lofty standards. ‘Nother single on Dirtnap in the 2011? All copies come with download code.

The Estranged “The Subliminal Man”

Dirtnap Records is proud to bring you the 2nd album from Portland dark-punk kings! Past and present members of Portland hardcore mainstays such as Remains Of The Day, Hellshock, Warcry, Lebenden Toten, etc pull a 180 and dish out ten tracks of icy, ominous postpunk.

Since their last release, The Estranged have dialed back the explicit aggression of their early singles a bit, and dialed up the textured, atmospheric, layered sounds of prime 80s deathrock/postpunk. A little less US influence, a little more UK………A little less Wipers, a little more Cure/Chameleons UK/Joy Division, etc. ………. The Subliminal Man was painstakingly, impeccably recorded at Type Foundry Studios in Portland and features 8 new ones, a re-recording of “Statue In A Room” (originally released as a split 7″ with Autistic Youth) and a rather stunning cover of The Flys’ 1978 classic “Love And A Molotov Cocktail”. You need this. All LPs come with download coupon.

Mean Jeans West Coast Tour


Mean Jeans are (gasp!) going on tour down the west coast in a couple of weeks with fellow local yokels Therapists. Here be the dates:

11/03 @ Wherehouse, Oakland, CA w/ Shannon and the Clams, Therapists and Scumby
11/04 @ Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA w/ Shannon and the Clams, Therapists, and Margaret Doll Rod
11/05 @ Till Two Club, San Diego, CA w/ Shannon and the Clams, Therapists, and Margaret Doll Rod
11/06 @ 5 Star Bar, Los Angeles, CA w/ Shannon and the Clams, Therapists, and Margaret Doll Rod
11/07 @ TBA, Sacramento, CA w/ Personal and the Pizzas, Therapists

photo by Sachiko Arakawa

White Wires Mp3, Cover Art, Track List


White Wires – WWII will be released on November 23rd, 2010. Color vinyl will likely go on sale thru the Green Noise Website a couple of weeks before that.

CLICK HERE to download Be True To Your School (‘Til You Get Kicked Out)

Track List:

1. Let’s Go To The Beach
2. Roxanne
3. Did You Forget My Name
4. I Can Tell
5. Just Wanna Be With You
6. Be True To Your School (‘Til You Get Kicked Out)
7. Popularity
8. Hands
9. Are You Mad
10. Outta My Mind
11. Summer Girl
12. Bye Bye Baby

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