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Tranzmitors – You Get Around 7″


Things have been quiet record-wise in The Tranzmitor’s camp the past couple of years, but now that silence has been broken! 2 more pitch-perfect mod-pop meets 70’s punk sing-a-longs, with an extremely vague phone theme going on. Great songs even by their lofty standards. ‘Nother single on Dirtnap in the 2011? All copies come with download code. First 200 on red vinyl, available mailorder only!

Track List:

1. You Get Around
2. It’s Not Your Call

Dirtnap Records Recording Update

Tranzmitors test pressings and art proofs have been approved. 7″ should be out on Friday, 10/15/10. They’re gonna record some new songs next month, and there’s talk of another Dirtnap 7″ in the 2011.

White Wires – WWII LP/CD is in production. Release date is looking like it’ll be the first week of November. Will probably start selling the color vinyl edition of the LP a week or two before that. The band says they’ll be getting right to work on their next LP, entitled (wait for it) WWIII, to be released on Dirtnap in 2011.

Mind Spiders recordings are done, finishing touches are being put on the cover art as we speak. Their s/t LP (no CD) will be released in January.

Something Fierce hit a major snag in the recording process (we’ll let them tell you about it), their Don’t Be So Cruel LP/CD is looking like it’ll be released in March now.

It’s been a long-ass time since we’ve announced this, but High Tension Wires have finally turned in the masters for their 3rd LP. It’s a scorcher, our favorite record of theirs so far. Look for it in April or so.

Career Suicide‘s Cherry Beach expanded reissue 7″ (it’s been re-recorded, with 2 of the original 3 songs, and 2 new songs) has been lacquered, insert and center label art are done. As soon as the band turns in the cover art, we ought to be able to get it out pretty fast.

We’ve added another band to the roster, but that deserves a post of it’s own. Look for an announcement soon, and an LP in Feb 2011 or so.

We’re working on a show for SXSW in March 2011. No word on whether it’ll actually happen, but if it does, lineup looks pretty epic.

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